Our customers are uncompromising on quality, and we’re regularly asked whether porcelain is a good substitute for natural stone paving. Can you see the difference? What about the natural stone look and feel? And do I need to pay more for an imitation?

The truth is that the world of porcelain paving is increasingly comparative to natural stone. And we challenge you to tell the difference.

We’re adding some new natural stone and porcelain areas to our inspiring show gardens, where you’ll be able to guess for yourself. We think high quality porcelain holds its own against even our most beloved products. Take a look below and see for yourself.

Timeless, enduring… and porcelain

The beautiful York Stone is one of the oldest and most desirable products in our yard, sourced from one of the best quarries in Yorkshire. But along comes porcelain to steal the show – at a fraction of the price.

Porcelain looks fantastic - and represents a very reasonable saving compared to original York. Even better, it’s a cinch to lay.

Similarly, natural stone from India has become a staple choice for the UK landscape industry. For decades, people have been choosing Indian stone for its varied appearance and authentic feel. But now, driven by supply chain disruption and rising transport costs, innovative new porcelain alternatives have found their footing.

The Kandla Grey porcelain is a shining example:

A start in its own right

For years, porcelain has been seen as a substitute for more premium products – but we just don’t think that applies anymore.

Today, quality porcelain paving is a valuable alternative with its own identity, feel and characteristics. It’s not an imitation – it’s yet another way of creating your dream landscape.

See the options for yourself: they’re all on show at our extensive, world-class display gardens in Eastleigh.