Miles Stone random natural stone laying pattern

When laying your natural stone we strongly recommend that you lay it completely random with no repeating pattern. Having said that, we do understand that it’s nice to have a bit of inspiration to get you going. With this in mind above you can find an example laying pattern using all four sizes. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS NOT AN EXACT PLAN BUT SIMPLY A GUIDE TO SHOW HOW A PATIO COULD BE LAID.

When buying from us here at Miles Stone you will be provided with a fair mixture of all sizes, therefore you may find that if you keep strictly to a pre-defined layout, you may run short on some sizes.

Our paving is best laid totally random with no repeating pattern, any piece can go in any space so you can use whichever size you like. A good guideline is to make sure that your joints do not run straight for more than 2m, and your should ensure that all the junctions of your paving joints are “T” junctions and not “+” junctions.

Another golden rule is to make sure that you use all the sizes supplied evenly to avoid running out of one size or having too many of another size left over at the end. It may mean that for example you use 2 of one size to every one of another size, it all depends on the quantities that are delivered. Laying natural stone in this way is all about getting a unique look – no two patios should look the same. We will always supply a range of sizes to achieve this look.

Another point to keep in mind is to keep it simple and not over-complicate with unnecessary detail, there is enough character in the stone itself to provide you with a very attractive patio that you will admire for years.

Here’s an interview with Dan at Marvel Paving & Construction on how to lay natural stone in the random pattern: