Indian sandstone is a hugely popular choice for patios, outdoor dining areas and pathways. That’s because it’s a fantastic material which can transform an outdoor area, as well as being durable and cost-effective. Unlike some other materials, it comes in a number of different natural colours and patterns, from striking to subtly neutral, so you can customise it to suit your tastes and space. Clearly, each different hue will lend a distinct feel.

Thanks to the differences in mineral content, each sandstone paving slab is unique, giving your space natural character and appeal. Colours vary considerably because Indian sandstone comprises deposits of sand and sediments, while the exact shade depends on which sands, silts and mineral particles were on the sea bed as the material formed. You will even see variations in stone from the same location.

When selecting your shade, bear in mind that paler colours will be harder to keep looking spotless. Bear this in mind particularly if you have pets or children who often trail grime around, inside or outside your property. Applying a natural stone sealer to these stones is a great option to help reduce this and assist with any ongoing maintenance and cleaning

At Miles Stone, we’re delighted to offer Indian Sandstone paving in four natural colourings, all imported directly from India and ethically sourced.

  1. Bronte
    The natural colour tones of this product allow it blend in very naturally with most surroundings especially red brick walls. Consistently our best selling sandstone due to its mix of warm autumnal pastel colours, made up of soft browns, pale reds, buffs and even some pale greys in its beautiful colour palette.Bronte Indian Sandstone paving
  2. Kandla Grey
    Kandla grey Indian sandstone works well when combined with other neutral colours, for example white garden furniture. It incorporates a range of light, neutral grey tones which are versatile enough to complement a contemporary or more traditional setting, blending in seamlessly into either. The slight colour variations pepper an otherwise uniform hue. Unsurprisingly, this is one of the most popular paving stone colours currently on the UK market.Kandla grey Indian sandstone paving
  3. Mint
    This makes an eye-catching finish to any garden or patio. And while you may think mint would be a cold colour, this product is actually quite warm, and its smooth colour variations give a uniform, cosy look. Ours incorporates amber and ivory tones plus cream, and can brighten up darker outside areas while making the most of natural light. Because it’s light, it offers an excellent contrast with most modern brickwork, while making spaces seem bigger than they really are, while optimising natural daylight.Mint Indian Sandstone Paving
  4. Sawn sandstone
    Sawn sandstone offers a distinct look. These blocks are cut by multi-disc circular sawing machines to give it a smoother feel. We offer sawn sandstone in mint, and sawn and sandblasted sandstone in grey. The latter is a mid-grey which will suit most modern home designs.(Sandblasting is the art of projecting sand with high-pressured blasts of air to the stone to clean, shape and smooth it.)

Clearly, there is no substitute for seeing something in person. Come to our show gardens in Eastleigh, Hampshire, and take a look for yourself, you’ll be able to view the full range and decide which one is right for you and your home.