At Miles Stone Limited we offer the benefits of 50 years experience and aim to provide the finest quality, value and service. Goods are sold subject to availability, as seen, with natural imperfections and variations. We will always vigorously endeavour to meet delivery requirements, but we do not guarantee delivery dates or times. Please note that phone calls may be recorded for business and training purposes.

Natural stone varies in hue and texture from time-to-time as it is dependent upon the bed of rock the stone has been extracted from. If consistency of colour and texture is imperative to your project we recommend buying from the same batch/at the same time.

All sizes are nominal, quoted areas of coverage for guide purposes are approximate. Prices do not include VAT and may change without notice. Deliveries will be made to the roadside, unless the customer ensures adequate, unobstructed access suitable for large goods vehicles, having consideration for underground services and manholes. A firm and level area clear of overhanging trees, cables or other hazards, must be provided for off-loading.

Clients need to be aware that due to the supply problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic some of our products may differ slightly in size or specification. If your project requires exacting specifications then please ensure you check these details with our sales staff at the time of ordering.

Goods are either tipped or unloaded alongside the vehicle at the discretion of the transport technician and will not be moved further. No responsibility whatsoever will be accepted for damage or injury caused when a vehicle is required to leave the highway in the course of delivery or during off-loading. the customer may be charged waiting time for any unreasonable delay upon delivery. The customer should inspect the goods before off-loading commences and any queries must be made before off-loading. The customer becomes solely responsible for the goods from the moment off-loading commences.

While we endeavour to take care when loading customer vehicles when collecting our products we do not accept liability for any damage caused when loading under their instruction. In this instance the customer must appreciate that we are loading at their own risk.

For goods returned a maximum of 50% refund or exchange allowance may be offered against acceptable resalable items, returned within 60 days of purchase. Returned goods must be accompanied by an original invoice as proof of purchase. Goods returned must be in unused condition. We will not offer a refund on materials you have installed. We do not offer refunds on the basis that you do not like the colour or features of particular slabs or stones. Once you have installed our products you have accepted their suitability for your project. When purchasing natural stone goods from us the client accepts that quoted size and dimension specifications are approximate. You are buying a natural material which is not made in a factory to exacting specifications – we will not offer refunds based on slight size variation.

All goods remain the property of Miles Stone Limited until full payment is made and are liable to be repossessed if payment is not made in the time allowed.

Cancellation of order will not be accepted if work has been commenced or if we are involved in obtaining goods to the customers specification. Any cancelled order will be subject to an administration fee relative to the value of the goods reserved. Any discrepancies or dissatisfaction must be submitted to Miles Stone Limited in writing for consideration within 7 days of delivery.

We may occasionally offer promotional discounts in our advertising. In such instances clients can only use one promotional code per order. Promotions are subject to availability and the discretion of Miles-Stone.

All goods are supplied subject to the condition that our liability in respect of any complaint or claim or whatever origin, shall be limited to the replacement of faulty materials, and we accept no liability for loss or damage of any description arising out of the purchase or use of any goods.

THANK YOU, your business is appreciated!