Ash black granite paving natural stone paving patio slabs Miles Stone Eastleigh Southampton

Have you seen our new granite paving yet? Granite is known for being a very durable stone and you can now take advantage of it’s durable properties in patio slab form. It splits very cleanly and is flat both sides – calibrated to 20mm it’s very easy to work with and creates gloriously smooth and contemporary looking patios. The flat finish also means you avoid the riven textures of sandstone. The flamed surface gives a very slightly dimpled, textured feel and adds gloss. This is a modern, straight edged paving product that is for customers looking for the beauty of a natural stone option but also the low maintenance properties of something like porcelain. Our Ash Granite paving is also available at a lower cost than porcelain but exhibits many of the qualities found in the man-made tiles.

Ash black granite paving slabs

The durability of granite also means it won’t scratch or mark easily. As it has such a low porosity, stains do not adhere to it like other paving materials, meaning you’ll spend less time looking after this stuff. We think it’s the future. It could be the igneous rock based paving you have been dreaming about. In fact, it probably is, isn’t it?… Just look at it.

Ash black granite paving patio slabs

Available in 4 sizes, in stock now and on display in our Display Garden, if you’re passing, pop in and take a look.  Or give us a ring if you want any further information.