Trentino Black porcelain paving tile patio slab modern black tumbled edge porcelain paving

Introducing our new Trentino range – it’s like natural stone… but better. Inspired by the beautiful dimpled texture and rolled edges of a first class limestone flag, this porcelain range is unique in how well it replicates a natural material and it’s only available in the UK from us. It’s so good that many industry professionals browsing in our showroom space ask “What stone is this?” Most outdoor porcelain tiles take design cues from stone but don’t get close to replicating it’s variation and texture. Many designs focus purely on looking as contemporary as possible, which suits some schemes perfectly, but what about those gardens that require the low maintenance qualities of an Italian vitrified porcelain and the look of a true natural stone product? That’s the gap in the market that the product buying team at Miles Stone were looking to address, the Trentino range is their answer. Available in Beige, Grey and Black there’s a shade that will suit every colour palette and scheme – each hue features the beautifully pitted surface and tumbled edges which set this porcelain paving option apart.

“Our customers come to us looking for the best materials for their project and many of them lusted after the unique looks of our natural stone but wanted to put in as little effort into ongoing maintenance as possible. We had prolonged conversations with our suppliers in Italy in an attempt to find a solution and as soon as we laid eyes on the Trentino slabs we fell in love. It’s exactly what our clients had been after and it ticks every single box a paving product should do; it’s aesthetically gorgeous, it’s built to last and it’s wonderfully versatile. You could lay this material at a modern luxury chalet or at an 18th century cottage! It’s personally my favourite porcelain design.”

Trentino beige porcelain paving tile Hampshire

Trentino beige porcelain paving slab