Sawn grey sandstone Indian paving patio problems with laying patio

Unfortunately we recently had a customer experience what they described on the phone as a staining issue with our Sawn Grey Sandstone paving, once they had sent through some images it was clear to us what had happened.

The shots above show that the stone has been laid ‘dot and dab’ with blobs of mortar used instead of a full bed. The darker spots you can see on the surface are where the stone is drawing moisture up from the ground through the mortar – the way it should be. The lighter areas are effectively laid on thin air and hence look a completely different colour.

Sawn grey Indian sandstone paving patio garden

Dots of mortar clearly visible as moisture rising through the stone.

Not only does this form of laying paving ruin the look of the stone, it’s also very detrimental to the longevity of the build. Eventually each slab will work loose and the pointing will fail due to the gaps underneath the paving.

We always say that picking the right products for a landscaping project is half the battle, the other half is using them correctly! We’re always available to offer free help and advice on our products so if in doubt you are always welcome to call or come in for a chat.