Tumbled Bronte Raj Green paving setts edging cobbles driveway apron

Entrances play a big part in the first impression we form about a property. The road facing aspect is an area of residential construction where landscape design and material selection can truly elevate a project. Good decisions and planning on a driveway build can not only increase the desirability of a property but can also make a tangible positive impact on its value. This doesn’t necessarily involve spending more money on your driveway renovation but it does mean some deeper thinking at the conception stage to ensure you’re implementing a design that is going to complement the building and work well with the wider surrounding area. You can use the most expensive and beautiful yorkstone cobbles but if the property is an ultra-modern angular design these may clash and reduce the ‘kerb appeal’.

We always like to delve a little deeper when clients request consultation on their builds. With this scheme the owner’s chief priority was to replace the ugly, rough concrete driveway apron the house originally had with something more original. They wanted the charm of a stone but with a modern edge to the material so that it would tie in with the contemporary design of their home. During the consultation stage it was clear that something from our natural stone paving setts range would be most suitable. Our stone setts allow you to create a driveway that looks unique, exudes class but has the usability of a more quotidian material like block pavers. Once the owner discussed the cosmetic aspects of their house we were certain that our Tumbled Bronte Indian Sandstone Setts would work beautifully as their new driveway entrance. Two main reasons led the client to this material choice; the first being the colour palette. Our Bronte colour way is full of caramel browns, deep reds and sandy tones – a fantastic accompaniment to the brickwork of the house and surrounding wall. The other main factor was the tumbled surface finish of these setts. The tumbling rounds, smooths and antiques the edges – giving a hint of a classic heritage stone befitting of a prestigious countryside property.

Last week, a few months on from our initial discussions, the paving contractors (the brilliant Jez McCarthy and Mick Parker) invited us to come by and check out the finished build. The client is delighted with the job and the precision install really shows the tumbled edges off. Jez and his team ensured the pointing was recessed and a few mm below the top surface of the setts – this really added texture and depth – more importantly it was exactly the effect the customer wanted to achieve.