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Established in 1970, Miles Stone was created to make high quality landscaping materials widely available to every type of build project – not just those with exceedingly high budgets. Now we continue to offer the best natural stone and landscaping products to the South of the UK and beyond from our base in Eastleigh, just outside of Southampton.


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SBR Admixture Bonding Agent

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SBR Bonding Agent that can be used to help low porosity tiles, like our porcelain paving, to mortar beds. Can be used as a bonding agent, as an admixture or general purpose primer (for interior and exterior tiling etc). For improving a mortar’s, render’s or floor screed’s abrasion, flexibility and chemical resistance. Most of our clients would use this product mixed with cement to create a bonding slurry. The slurry would then be applied to the backs of our porcelain paving to ensure efficient adhesion with a mortar bed. Can also be used to repair patching of concrete and cement screeds, to improve adhesion and flexibility of screeds.

  • Bonding agent that increases adhesion to mortar beds and adds flexibility.
  • When mixed with cement it creates an ideal bonding slurry for use with our exterior Porcelain Paving.
  • Priming slurry mix: Mix 2 parts cement with one part SBR
  • Suitable for exterior and interior applications.
  • Suitable for internal and external floors and rendering in areas of continual or intermittent water and chemical contact.
  • Excellent waterproofing admixture that improves adhesion of cementitious screeds and reduces shrinkage and cracking when repairing floor screeds.
  • Sold in 5l bottles.
  • Coverage Guide: A 5l bottle will cover 30m2-40m2 when used to create a bonding slurry – coverage will vary depending on the porosity of the tile and your method of application. You may require approximately 25kg of cement per 5l bottle. These estimates are for guidance only and real world application and usage may vary. If in doubt we advise you carry out test mixes before calculating quantities.


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